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The Full Story


I am a mother of four crazy children and each feeding journey was extraordinarily different. After having some feeding issues, a perinatal mood disorder, oral ties, growth issues, and lots of conflicting information, I decided I needed to become someone who could help others like me.


My goal is to help families to feed their babies with informed and evidence based practices, helping families to make educated decisions about their babies and watching them thrive. Giving the information but never making the choice for them.


You've done this for how long?

I have been in lactation for over 9 years, assisted in 6 hospitals in the state, supervised a community agency breastfeeding peer counseling program, and can honestly say that I absolutely love each and every family that has allowed me to assist in their lives.

It is such a short period of time while raising infants; I am blessed to help as much as I can.  

What you doing now?

I am currently working in a community hospital, WIC in the Hartford and Norwich/New London offices with the Peer Counseling Program, with Milkin Melanin helping women of color receive equitable services, Oh, Baby! Lactation Care, and in my own private practice. 

I also mentor women of color who are interested in becoming IBCLCs, aiding in diversifying positions for those in the birthing world.   

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